Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Dr Mercola's Wonder Emporium

It is Monday morning, I open up my e-mails and sat in my inbox is an e-mail with an interesting title “nine health risk habits”. Naturally I am tempted to open it and start reading. The first 7 sat on the line of informative and absurd. Then I got to number 8 and I realised I was reading something purely absurd. 

Dr Mercola, is a celebrity doctor and the founder and editor of an alternative-medicine website, where he advocates dietary and lifestyle approaches to health and market a variety of dietary supplements. Mercola criticizes many aspects of standard medical practice, particularly vaccination and the use of prescription drugs and surgery to treat diseases. Mercola has been the subject of criticism from the business, medical and scientific communities. A 2006 Business Week editorial criticized Mercola's marketing practices as "relying on slick promotion, clever use of information, and scare tactics." 

So number 8 on this health risk list suggested that fermented vegetables are a replacement therapy for colonic-therapy. Having read this I wonder what else in our daily lives we could replace with “healthy and natural” substitutes… what has the great Dr Mercola missed out?

1. Toothbrush
We could certainly replace our toothbrush with a twig like substitute and use a bit of hay for flossing.

2. Toilet Paper
Yesterday’s newspaper might make a good substitute… as they say yesterday’s news paper is today’s fish and chip wrap!

3. Dry-Shampoo
If you leave your hair for long enough, it can start to look ‘greasy’ which is not necessarily a desirable look. To reduce the appearance of shine you could use some dried, powdered mud, reducing your exposure to harsh chemicals that dry-shampoo contains, and it is a natural substitute!

4. Potato Peeler
Use knife, because we don’t know what sort of bacteria could get caught between the blades of a peeler!

5. Facebook
Let us go back to getting in touch with friends, talking on the phone, writing letters, meeting up and having a coffee… or rather a tea… or a herbal tea… or just a plain old glass of H2O goodness!

6. Internet
Rather than reading trash on the internet why not enjoy a good book, not from the Steel or Bloom variety but a classic like Austin or Byron.

7. Reading a book
Don’t be a couch potato! Rather than lazing around and reading a book you should go and experience the great outdoors. Go for a leisurely stroll or take up an outdoor sport like tennis or football.

8. Going for a walk
When walking you could be exposing yourself to all sorts of harmful pollutants so do not walk where there are cars or any form of human life! 

And all of these healthy life-style adjustments can be supplemented by colon-hydrotherapy and fermented vegetables! 

On a serious note, we should use the best of complementary from main-stream and complementary therapy, rather than hiding in the deepest, darkest cave!

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  1. The fermented vegetables would certainly shift something!But a colonic is far more gentle and you don't get to eat the slimey vegetables! xxx